Seek emotional stability and a mind free from distress

Grace to Restore recognises that for some people the struggle with mental and emotional difficulties can make life seem overwhelming and hopeless. We offer a programme of support to you if you are seeking to improve mental well-being and gain freedom from difficult and controlling issues that held you back. Our aim is to help you rise up from the depths of anxiety, dark moods, self-hatred, self-harm or thoughts that life feels too much. We will walk alongside you on the journey towards emotional stability and a mind free from distress, with the goal of moving forward in life with renewed strength and with hope!

We know things we go through can cause pain. The past can wound and leave scars that turn you to self-destruct. You may have carried this for a long time or for just a little while, but the feelings are complicated, the emotions are deep-rooted and the spiral of negative thoughts can feel impossible to change.

Grace to Restore believes that finding a pathway to wholeness is possible.

We can guide you along the way. We promise to walk with you in each struggle, through each battle, fighting your corner with you against the invisible psychological enemies that try to steal happiness from you and threaten to destroy you.

The fight is real. We’ll stand by you with acceptance, understanding and commitment while you face the tough landscapes of healing and change.

We are here to help you from the very start of your journey

We can offer you a safe home and provide for your practical needs during your season with us, so that your whole focus can be on going after your freedom. All you have to do is bring your brokenness and an open heart, ready for change.

We’ll work passionately to empower and equip you to uncover the root of your struggles, cheering you on to achieve your best outcome and a future in which you embrace a flourishing life.

If you feel it’s your time to step out from the brokenness and burdens of the world and if you are ready to face some tough battles and fight through them, then we are waiting to hear from you.

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