A place of calm in a hectic world

Grace to Restore offers support to young women when life seems too much and helps them seek to improve their emotional wellbeing and work towards freedom from anguish and distress.

Our aim is to support participants on their journey to seek emotional stability and a mind free from distress, in order that they can go forward in life with renewed strength and with hope.

We are here for you

We recognise that many people suffer from overwhelm and worry and we know people can feel alone in it all – not knowing how to talk to family or friends and having the fear of being a burden to them.

We are there to listen, to support and to help you through your emotional struggles. Together we can find ways for you to grow in strength and resilience, to combat dark thoughts and destructive patterns of behaviour; to begin to change the landscape of life and look towards brighter days.

We stand alongside you in the overwhelm, the sadness, pain, loss, numbness and despair. We are here to encourage, cheerlead and champion you, while you learn to walk your unique and individual path to a more manageable future.

You find your own pace here, to focus on the journey ahead with new hope. Our wish is for you to find in us, a place of calm in a busy world. A place where you can feel safe, restore your emotional strength and be your authentic self – without ever being judged; where you can gain peace of mind and begin to enjoy life again.

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