Grace to Restore

Grace to Restore is a charity created to help young women find a place of calm and temporary solace from the busy pace of the world.

We recognise that many people suffer with overwhelm and worry. We can stand alongside women for whom this worry is having a detrimental effect on their daily lives and who need to temporarily take time out and restore in a nurturing environment. Our aim is to offer a peaceful, restorative environment where you can rest and give time to your well-being before returning in strength to ‘normal life’.

Grace to Restore recognises that people can feel alone in their worry and feel they don’t want to burden family and friends.

We offer a listening ear to young women and support them to make changes that will improve their emotional wellbeing and work towards finding a more manageable pace of life. We support their journey as they explore ways to move forward from life’s stresses and discover more about themselves and learn new coping skills that work for them.

Our holistic approach encourages personal growth and reflection, healthy eating and exercise, as well as listening to the needs of the individual and signposting to relevant services.
We provide a place of calm , we listen and support. We focus on nurturing people, recognising their individual qualities and valuing them, giving space to reflect and reset, so that life can begin to feel manageable.

We seek to encourage and build up, to discover old and new interests. We help you look at ways to improve your emotional or psychological state of mind, to find greater stability and live at your own pace.

We believe in a healthy body and mind and combine healthy eating, taking regular exercise and having an active lifestyle. As well as encouraging these positive changes, we also give opportunity for the individual to consider their spiritual well-being.

We can connect you with opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and hobbies, all of which contribute to improved emotional well-being. We also provide opportunities for times of mindfulness and meditation.

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