Grace to Restore

Grace to Restore is a charity created to help young women gain freedom from the confusion, pain and distress of mental ill-health and to improve and increase their spiritual and physical health.

We offer a programme of support to you if you are seeking to break away from difficult and controlling issues that have been holding you back.

We recognise that many people suffer with anxiety and feel worried and distressed. We work alongside people for whom this distress has become unmanageable or for whom it’s had a significant detrimental effect on their daily lives. Our aim it to help you rise up from the depths of these feelings and to find relief from the feeling that life has become just too much.

We’ll walk with you on your journey to peace of mind, fresh hope and new purpose,. We’re here for you as you rise up from the confusion, mental anguish and distress that has hidden who you truly are for too long.
Grace to Restore recognises that for some people the struggle with mental and emotional difficulties can make life seem overwhelming and hopeless.

Grace to Restore offers support to young women when life seems too much and helps them seek to improve their mental wellbeing and work towards freedom from anguish and distress.

We support those throughout their journey as they learn ways to move forward from their emotional struggles and seek to combat dark thoughts or destructive patterns of behaviour.

Suffering with anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating issues, or suicidal ideation can become too much to cope with alone and so Grace to Restore purposes to stand strong with those in their fight against these and offers tools to bring calm from confusion and serenity from struggle.

Our programme includes mentoring support and counselling; information and opportunities to learn healthier emotional responses; empowerment to make the necessary changes to find psychological and emotional freedom through CBT; private and group study and times of meditation and contemplation.

Our holistic approach encourages personal growth and reflection. We look at identity, boundary setting, actions and consequences, thinking strategies, personal responsibility, strengths and weaknesses, increasing resilience and working towards future hopes and aspirations. Our healthy eating and exercise tools are designed to strengthen you in body and increase your awareness of your physical condition and how to stay physically healthy. When it’s time to leave and find your way back into the ‘real’ world, our moving-on programme will support you with all your ‘next step’ decisions and a mentor will continue to be there for you outside of the doors of Grace House.
We provide a place of respite and a 24/7 supported home for our residents, aiming to take out the daily stressors so they can fully immerse themselves in the programme and work towards emotional recovery.

We focus on facing deep-rooted issues by examining thoughts, actions, behaviours and choices, which are self-destructive and show themselves in struggles with self-harm, self-hatred and thoughts of suicide. Understanding the root of the problem can bring release from mental distress, from negative thoughts and lies and it can serve to reset a person’s view of self which leads to change in how they treat themselves.

As well as empowering our residents to make positive changes in mind, will and emotions, our programme encourages reflection in their spirit. We facilitate this through meditation on biblical teaching and prayer and we disciple our residents as they seek after the higher power that is God and come into alignment with His authority in their lives.

Our programme is surrounded and supported by professional, skilled and caring people who wish to encourage, stretch and grow our residents in many different ways during their season at Grace House, in the areas of music, activities, discipleship, friendship and fun.

We believe in a healthy body and healthy mind healthy and combine healthy eating, taking regular exercise and having an active lifestyle. We provide opportunities to take part in exercise, outdoor activities, games, sports and hobbies, all of which contribute to improved mental well-being.

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