We are here to walk alongside you

We recognise that many people suffer with anxiety and feel worried and distressed. Our aim is to work alongside people for whom this distress has become unmanageable or for whom it has had a significant detrimental effect on their daily lives. We are not a medical facility. We aim at all times and for each resident to work in close partnership with mental health services, to take medical and mental health advice from them and to make space for their work with the individuals we support and also to work with the medical advice of local GP and other relevant services.

We aim to stand alongside when worry is having a detrimental effect on daily life, helping you to work out your individual pathway to a future that is more manageable.

We will help you to find your own pace, so that you can fully embrace looking forward with renewed hope. Our aim for those accessing our service is for you to go on far stronger than when you arrived and to find peace of mind, being your authentic self and following the path which is uniquely yours.