Our daughter Grace was gentle, kind and funny. She had a creative, artistic soul and was always writing, sketching, making. She loved to sing and had a beautiful voice. She was a sweet and precious daughter and a lovely, funny, caring sister who brought so much joy to our family.

In school, Grace began to struggle with anxiety and was sensitive to the highs and lows of friendships. Her worries were exacerbated when she was bullied in high school by former ‘friends’. This cruelty cut her deeply, causing her to protect herself in social groups, and later on resulted in self harm and thoughts of suicide.

Grace began to flourish at art college and started to put these times behind her. She bravely faced each day with new people and new experiences, but was often exhausted from the burden of hiding how overwhelming life could feel.

At the end of 2017, Grace struggled with a season of intense mental ill-health and her anxiety completely consumed her, as did a depth of sadness and confusion in her mind and she spiraled into a dark depression.

In March 2018, just two weeks before her 19th birthday, she took her own life.

Grace felt deep empathy for people’s struggles and she wanted to reach out to others. She often found small ways to show kindness to friends and strangers.

We love Grace so much. We believe she’d be very proud of what we have begun and that she’s cheering us on.

Our world is so very much dimmer with the light of her no longer here.

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