Our daughter Grace was gentle, kind, funny and beautiful and brought so much joy to our family. Grace struggled with anxiety & self doubt as a teen, but began to flourish at college. However towards the end of 2017, Grace struggled with an intense time of mental ill-health and she spiralled into a dark depression.

Depression doesn’t let you think rationally. It clouds every thought, confuses and entangles you and it projects you into a nosedive which is hard to rise up from without the right help. Grace was desperate for the pain in her head to stop. Two weeks before her 19th birthday, in April 2018 Gracie had become so poorly that she couldn’t see a way out and, tragically, she took her own life.

It was devastating. We miss her every day but are so proud of all she achieved in her short lifetime. We are left with an irreplaceable void in our family and the great loss of her still affects us and her many friends and loved ones.

Grace needed support to recover from becoming completely overwhelmed by life. She needed someone alongside her to help her through the terrible darkness and anguish in her thoughts.

The idea of a charity for young women who are struggling had begun before Grace’s illness and she was, in fact, my greatest champion as I set out to start the charity. She had great empathy for other people’s brokenness and wanted to reach out to others. She often found small ways to show kindness, both to friends and strangers. Grace was, and still is, my inspiration.

Our world is so very much dimmer without Grace’s beautiful light in it. In her memory, our wish is to offer strength, encouragement and support when life feels super-tough, to help others on their journey and to see them come through dark times to brighter days.

Grace to Restore is her legacy

A few of years ago, I met with friends to talk about how we could stand alongside people for whom peace of mind and emotional stability was difficult to find and to offer them support where we could. We wanted to take action for people that had become overtaken by feelings of hopelessness.

We had the vision of providing a residential facility in which these young women could step away from the pressures of this world for a time to discover their true identity, to come home, to know they are worthy of great love, to find restoration and to find freedom from emotional and psychological distress.

And so Grace to Restore was born.

Our desire is to promote a lasting legacy of renewal and hope for others suffering with mental distress to find strength to go on and a way forward.