Grace gifted us with love, gentleness, a kind heart, quick wit and deep-thinking. She gifted the world too, feeling great empathy for the brokenness of people. Grace wanted to reach out to others, often quietly finding ways to show kindness to friends and strangers alike. Grace is my inspiration every day.
At the end of 2017, Grace faced an acute mental health crisis, spiralling into a dark depression and in March 2018 was so unwell in her mind that she couldn’t see a way out. Feeling desperate and distraught, Gracie took her own life, two weeks before her 19th birthday. We miss her every day. We are in awe of all she achieved in life and we are immensely thankful for her very special love for us, her family. Grace has left a void that simply can’t be filled – a Grace-shaped hole in our lives and a very great weight of loss.

Grace needed support while she was unwell and someone alongside who understood the weight of overwhelm, to help her through the terrible darkness and anguish she was feeling – much of which she kept from us for fear of being a ‘burden’ to those she dearly loved and cared about.

Our world is so very much dimmer without Grace’s beautiful light in it. Our hope now is to show acceptance, encouragement and support to others, when life feels super-tough, offering renewal and hope, in memory of our girl.

Grace to Restore is her legacy...