We have recently diversified our support from when we opened ‘Grace House’ in February 2020, just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This small residential facility offered a safe environment to those needing to escape the pressures of the world whilst they sought emotional stability.

We found, however, that working solely in this way limited our reach and the need for support was wider than we could meet with just a 2-bed facility. Additionally the challenges of funding and staffing a 24/7 programme during the pandemic meant we had to temporarily step down our residential service. We hope to reopen this support in the future.

However, we have now opened the GTR Hub, via which we can offer our support to a wider number or service users. We run group sessions, as well as offering 1:1 keyworking from the Hub, and have plans to also offer counseling here in due course.

Under 18’s

Since opening The Hub, we have also expanded our offer to girls aged 11-17.

Our hope is that by supporting younger girls to work through their emotional struggles and to learn how to manage their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours from an earlier age, we can build a preventative strength and help alleviate greater problems and distress in the future.