CBT For Depression: An Unconventional Guide to Overcome Depression, Eliminate Negative Thoughts, and Feel Better

By Clement Hawk

Your thoughts inform your feelings, which then inform your actions. When depressed, this is a vicious cycle that keeps you trapped in bad feelings. By adjusting your thoughts, you’ll have fewer negative feelings and respond differently to the world around you. You’ll learn to break the negative cycle and become happier in the process.

As well as guidance on how to use CBT to its greatest advantage, you’ll find studies, information on the physical aspects of depression and therapy, motivations to improve your life, and other practical excerpts. These provide an important support tool in your own journey. Seeing such proof of how well CBT works and how it can improve your life will help you move forward with it, and put your all in.

You’ll learn:
– How to break the negative cycle and become happier in the process
– How to recognize your negative thoughts, or cognitive distortions, for exactly what they are – lies that depression tells your brain to keep the cycle going.
– Several common types of cognitive distortions and how to recognize them in your thinking.
– How To be able to identify them and see the roles they play in your feelings and behaviors
– How to challenge them and change how they affect you.
– Very often you have negative thoughts that don’t help you live your life peacefully and you’ve already tried many times to get rid of it yourself.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, has proven itself to be one of the greatest and longest-lasting treatments for depression. It focuses on challenging negative thoughts based in faulty beliefs or assumptions, and replacing them with positive ones.

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