Self Harm: The Path to Recovery

By Dr. Kate Middleton & Sara Garvie

“Self Harm: The Path to Recovery” is a comprehensive study of self-harm written by Kate Middleton and Sara Garvie. The book clearly defines self-harm and discusses its onset, development, and opportunities for recovery. It also provides advice for those people who want to care for a sufferer.

Academic literature and European surveys have suggested that Britain has higher levels of self-harm than anywhere else in Europe. “Self Harm: The Path to Recovery” is a timely and suitable aid to all those whose lives are affected by self-harm. The authors discuss real-life examples and share their knowledge of the most effective methods of recovery. The book also includes a summary of recent research into self-harm and the relevant statistics that have arisen from this body of work.

Contents of “Self Harm: The Path to Recovery” include:
Part One: What is self-harm and how does it develop?
Part Two – Recovering from self-harm.
Part Three: Caring for sufferers.

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