The programme we offer seeks to resolve internal conflicts and strongholds in the mind, to put away false beliefs about self; to establish truth; to face and overcome anxieties and fears; to uproot bitterness or harmful emotions causing pain; to explore and consider new choices; to accept, love and care for your body mind and spirit and to find self acceptance and the peace that this brings.

We support you to find restoration from past hurt and abuse, freedom from present life-controlling issues and hope for the future.

  • An interactive course to educate, equip and empower residents, through biblical truth, to live free and stay free from life-controlling issues

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Counselling

  • Health & wellbeing advice

  • Biblical teaching

  • Therapeutic art and music sessions

  • Outdoor activities and daily exercise

  • 24-hour support staff

Our focus is emotional well-being

We are not a medical facility. Our focus is emotional well-being. We aim at all times and for each resident to work in close partnership with mental health services, to take medical and mental health advice from them and to make space for their work with the individuals we support and also to work with the medical advice of local GP and other relevant services.

We provide a place of calm, away from the busy pace of the world, where you can find respite in which to walk towards emotional recovery.

The programme concentrates on facing deep-rooted issues by examining thoughts, actions, behaviours and choices, which are self-destructive and present in struggles which detrimentally affect daily life.

Our peer groups support those who struggle with emotional issues

We provide a safe space and an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement; and the opportunity to be heard and find validation of your feelings without judgement or agenda. We can help you to learn techniques and coping strategies that support long-term resilience and to build your emotional strength over time, in order to feel relief from distress and find that life can feel manageable again.

To give you an idea, these are some of the topics we look at:

Self Esteem – Toxic Thoughts – Value – Boundaries – Stress – Comparison – Loss – Rumination – Anxiety – Perfectionism – Suicidal Thoughts – Pressures – Hopelessness – Fears – Self Compassion – Resilience – Fear – Mindsets – Shame – Low Mood – Identity – Masks – Mistakes – Meaning

We aim to:

  • Suspend the pressure of life while we gather to talk, laugh, cry, learn & be ourselves.

  • Aged 18 to 24 years old

  • Experiencing mental and/or emotional difficulties

    Difficulties that can make life seem overwhelming for them, or they feel their life is worthless and without hope.

  • Seeking to enter the Grace to Restore programme

    Of their own volition and not under pressure from another person(s);

  • Accepting of our belief in God and Christian principles as a guide to the service we offer

  • Accepting of our programme

While our group isntended to increase emotional wellbeing, it is not to be viewed as a replacement for clinical or medical care that you are currently receiving or waiting to receive from the NHS or other Health Services.

The group discussion will remain confidential unless, by something said, someone is deemed to be at risk of harm or in danger, then it is our duty to contact the relevant authorities.