Coronavirus update - During the Covid-19 crisis, we have altered how we operate and are currently running our residential programme for a reduced numbers of residents. The situation will be reviewed in the new year.

We provide a place of respite and a home designed to minimise the things that can stress us on a daily basis, so that residents can fully immerse themselves in working towards emotional recovery.

During the programme we examine thoughts, actions, behaviours and choices, some of which are self-destructive and present in struggles with self-harm, self-hatred and thoughts of suicide. We look at dealing with deep-rooted issues, through group work, 1:1’s, counselling and therapy. Understanding the root of the problem can bring release from mental distress, from negative thoughts and lies and it can serve to reset a person’s view of themselves which leads to change in their self talk and how they view and treat themselves.

As well as empowering our residents to make positive changes in their mind, will and emotions, the programme also teaches reflection on the health of their spiritual self, through meditation, biblical teaching, worship, praise and prayer and we disciple our residents as they seek God and find alignment with his authority in their lives.

By surrounding and supporting our residents with our professional, experienced and compassionate staff, we encourage residents to grow in all kinds of different ways during their season at Grace House, by taking part in opportunities within music, activities, art and craft workshops, sport & exercise, outdoor pursuits, discipleship groups and through friendships – sharing talents and encouraging one another.

We believe in having a healthy body and a healthy mind and so healthy eating, taking regular exercise and having an active lifestyle are also all on our agenda. Taking part in exercise, outdoor activities, games, sports and hobbies will contribute to greater mental well-being and our wish is to inspire residents and encourage them to find or rediscover activities, hobbies and pastimes that they can take forward with them through life.

We are not a medical facility. We work with mental anguish as distinct from mental illness. We aim at all times and for each resident to work in close partnership with mental health services, a GP and any other relevant services; to seek out and take medical and mental health advice from them and to always make time and space for their work with the individuals we support.

The programme we offer residents seeks to resolve internal conflicts and strongholds in the mind, to put away false beliefs and find a truer picture of themselves, absent of negativity; to establish truth; to face and overcome anxieties and fears; to uproot bitterness or harmful emotions causing pain and stifling psychological well-being; to explore and consider new choices; to accept, love and care for their body and to find self acceptance and the peace that comes with it.

Our aim is to work alongside our residents to educate, equip and empower them with biblical truth so that they can find restoration from past hurts and abuse, freedom from present life-controlling issues and hope for a fulfilling, flourishing future. Our wish is for ‘Grace Graduates’ to go forward far stronger than when they arrived and to bless those in their own futures through knowing and being their authentic self and following the path which they were created to take.

Key features of the Grace to Restore programme

  • An interactive course to teach, prepare and empower with biblical truth, to find restoration from past hurts/abuse, freedom from present life-controlling issues and hope for a fulfilling, flourishing future

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Counselling

  • Health & Well-Being Advice

  • Cognigitve Behavioural Therapy with a Psychotherpist

  • Therapeutic Art, Craft & Music Workshops

  • Outdoor Activities and Daily Exercise

  • 24-hour Professional Support Staff

Who is Grace to Restore for?

We recognise the need to have clear criteria for those wishing to access our service. This will enable us to provide a programme that addresses specific needs and has the greatest impact. Applications for a six-month residential placement in the Grace to Restore programme will be considered by the trustees on an individual basis against the following criteria:

The applicant will be:

  • Female

  • Aged 18 to 24 years old

  • Experiencing mental and/or emotional difficulties

    Difficulties that can make life seem overwhelming for them, or they feel their life is worthless and without hope.

  • Seeking to enter the Grace to Restore programme

    Of their own volition and not under pressure from another person(s);

  • Accepting of our belief in God and Christian principles as a guide to the service we offer

  • Accepting of our programme

The applicant must be:

  • Be sufficiently mentally stable and physically well

    Well enough to undertake the full length of the Grace to Restore programme, which seeks to support residents as they find freedom from life-controlling issues;

  • Have the legal right to reside in the UK (or relevant visa) for the duration of the Grace to Restore programme

  • Agree to register with a local GP practice and sign a medical Consent to Share Agreement.

  • Applicants cannot be accepted if

    Currently in treatment for addiction to alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, currently known or deemed to be addicted to or under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs/substances, or to be misusing legal substances, currently a resident of any other treatment programme and In the UK illegally.

Application Process

In the first instance, those interested in the Grace to Restore programme should complete the Application Request Form found at the bottom of this page. A member of our team will then call you for an informal chat about the suitability of the programme according to your current circumstances and situation.

If appropriate, after this conversation we will send out further information on the Programme, what to expect of us and what would be expected of you as a resident of Grace House.  We will also send you an application form for you to complete and return.

Once we receive your completed application, we will process it and then get back to you.  If you are offered a place on the GTR programme, further information will be sent to you along with an Agreement Form for you to sign and return.  On receipt of these forms, if everything is in order, we will make contact with you to discuss a provisional date for you to move into Grace House and begin your journey with us. We will provide instructions on how to find us, when to arrive, what you need to bring, what we’ll supply for you during your stay and other useful information and you will be able to ask us any questions.

If we are unable to offer you a place on the programme, it will be explained why this decision has been made and you will be signposted to alternative sources of support.

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