We provide a place to talk about worries, fears and darkest thoughts. We listen, we understand, we don’t judge and and we offer emotional support and guidance to help you plan a path to brighter days… to better emotional wellbeing.

We believe having a healthy body and a healthy mind work best in tandem, so healthy eating, regular fun exercise and having an active lifestyle are all part of what we do. Taking part in outdoor activities, sport or hobbies will contribute to greater physical, emotional and psychological well-being and we can encourage and equip you to find or rediscover old passions, or to find new pastimes that you can take forward with you into a healthier future.

Our aim

Our aim is to work alongside you to help you work through worries and concerns as you figure out your own individual pathway to a future that is more manageable. We will help you to find your own pace, so that you can fully embrace looking forward with renewed hope. Our aim for those accessing our services is for you to go forward far stronger than when you arrived and to find peace of mind, being your authentic self and following the path which is uniquely yours.

We are a non-medical facility and the expectation is that attendees are well enough to undertake and benefit from the support we offer. We provide a listening heart to those who are currently accessing support from Mental Health professionals but we defer to the advice and greater knowledge of these professionals.

Key features of the Grace to Restore programme

  • A Place of Calm

  • Time to explore emotions

  • The opportunity to be heard

  • Workshops

  • Peer support groups

  • Short courses

  • Real conversations

  • Signposting to other organisations

Who is Grace to Restore for?

We recognise the need to have clear criteria for those wishing to access our service. This will enable us to provide a service that addresses specific needs and has the greatest impact.

The applicant will be:

  • Female

  • Aged 18 to 24 years old

  • Emotionally Stable

  • Living independently

    or with parents/family

  • Be mentally stable and not under treatment from Mental Health team

    Not currently accessing active support from MH crisis teams or Community Mental Health support workers.

The applicant must:

  • Have the legal right to reside in the UK

  • Be registered with a GP

  • Applicants cannot be accepted if

    Currently accessing active support from MH crisis teams or Community Mental Health support workers.

  • Currently in treatment for addiction to alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, currently known or deemed to be addicted to or under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs/substances, or to be misusing legal substances, currently a resident of any other treatment programme and In the UK illegally.

Application Process

In the first instance, those interested in the Grace to Restore service should complete the Application Request Form found at the bottom of this page.
A member of our team will then call you for an informal chat about the suitability of the service according to your current circumstances and situation.

If our service is appropriate for you, we will arrange an initial meeting, when we’ll explain what support we offer and what you can expect of us. At this meeting, we will ask you to complete the relevant paperwork so that you can we can begin to support you.

If we are unable to offer you support via our service, you will be signposted to alternative, or more appropriate, sources of support.

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