Our services help you to accept, love and care for yourself – in mind, body & spirit.

We provide a place away from the busy world, where you can find respite and take steps towards emotional recovery from the past; find freedom in the present; and hope for the future.

Our trauma-informed support helps to examine thoughts, behaviours, choices and internal conflicts.  We support you to face fears, anxieties, painful experiences, worries.  We will look at any self-destructive patterns which have detrimentally affected daily life and support you to work through these towards a different, healthier way forward.

Our holistic approach is designed to nurture and give space for our clients to process.

1:1 Talking Therapy 
Weekly sessions to look specifically at what is going on for you and working towards emotional stability.
Support Groups
Learning together about thoughts, feelings and emotions and how to make life feel more manageable and find a way through when it seems not to make sense.
Emotional Wellbeing Workshops
Get creative with art or craft projects, play games, while learning about emotional regulation, increasing resilience, self-soothing tips, calm breathing exercises and more.
For information on any of our services, contact us